Vote YES for Transportation

WAPA is among a long list of organizations, associations and companies supporting a proposed amendment to the state constitution to create a transportation fund.

5 ReasonsIf approved, the amendment would require that revenues generated through the use of the state transportation system be deposited into a fund for the exclusive purpose of funding the state’s transportation system. Further, the amendment would prohibit any transfers or lapses from this fund.

This amendment was born of necessity. Previous administrations used executive powers to divert about $1.4 billion in transportation funding for other purposes. A change in the constitution would prevent this in the future.

“It comes down to being a common sense issue,” says Craig Thompson, Executive Director of TDA. “Transportation user fees should be spent on transportation. It’s that simple. And recent history shows that there’s nothing really safeguarding transportation in our state.”

Thompson points to the nearly unanimous bipartisan support among Wisconsin lawmakers and the majority of states in the nation that have similar constitutional language. “These all point to the same conclusion: This amendment is good for Wisconsin.” However, it’s only good if it passes.

Support this measure and spread the word—more information is available at

And go vote “Yes” on November 4.