Asphalt Awards

About the Award

WAPA recognizes technological advancements and innovations in asphalt pavements through its annual Asphalt Awards. Awards are given in any of three categories:

    • State – WisDOT Region or Office
    • Local – City, County, Town, or Village
    • Business – Commercial Business or Association

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2022 WAPA Asphalt Awards. The submission period is now closed. All winners will be recognized at WAPA’s 2022 Annual Conference.


Year Recipient Project
2022 WisDOT NC Region and BTS 100% recycled project on STH 173 in Nekoosa. Press Release.
2021 WisDOT Bureau of Technical Services Advancing innovation in asphalt pavements. Press release.
2020 WisDOT SE Region Rehabilitation Work on Marquette Interchange Perpetual Pavement Project. Press release.
2019 WisDOT NC and NE Regions Pulverize/Relay and Cold In-Place Recycling Project. Press release.
2018 WisDOT NW Region and City of Rice Lake Asphalt Interlayer Project. Press release.
2017 WisDOT NE Region Percent Within Limits (PWL) Implementation. Press release.
2016 WisDOT SW Region and FWHA In-Place Density/Air Void Regression on STH 21. Press release.


Year Recipient Project
2022 Calumet County Highway Department Environmentally Sustainable Construction Practices. Press Release.
2021 City of Kaukauna Innovative Pavement Design. Press release.
2020 Sauk County Highway Department Warm-Mix Asphalt and Cold In-Place Recycling. Press release.
2019 City of Marshfield Fiber Mix Asphalt. Press release.
2018 City of Stevens Point Perpetual Pavement Design. Press release.
Fond du Lac County Highway Department Various Construction Test Sections. Press release.
2017 City of Janesville Recycled Asphalt Mix Designs and Performance Testing. Press release.
Marathon County Highway Department Various Construction Techniques including Cold In-Place Recycling and Thin Asphalt Overlays. Press release.
2016 City of Milwaukee High Impact Paving Program. Press release.
City of Platteville Thin Asphalt Overlay Program. Press release.


Year Recipient Project
2022 Fabel Repair & Collision Center Polymer modified asphalt parking lot to accommodate for heavy loading and truck traffic.
2020 FKG Oil – MotoMart Polymer modified asphalt paving while utilizing speed of construction to remain open safely through project completion.
2019 Milwaukee Public Schools Created new construction program based on discussions with industry, with an emphasis on partnering for longevity, safety, and pavement performance.
2018 Christ the King Lutheran Church Innovative paving practices for parking lot reconstruction in Delafield.
2017 Kieler Farms and MSA Professional Services Construction of an asphalt feed pad at new dairy farm in SW Wisconsin. The 1000′ x 250′ feed pad consists of 5″ MT mix with a 3″ 3-MT 58-28S lower lift and a 2″ 5-MT 58-28H surface lift.
2016 Mills Fleet Farm Use of Fibers in Parking Lot Reconstructions. Both in Wausau and Hudson locations, Mills Fleet Farm is milling 2” and paving a 4 LT (or E-0.3 12.5 mm) PG 58-28 mix with the addition of fibers to increase tensile strength and reduce reflective cracking.