NEW Asphalt Bid/Mix Specifications – Guidance and Web Tool

WisDOT and WAPA have worked together to deliver guidance on new asphalt bid requirements in Wisconsin.

Beginning in 2016, WisDOT will require that asphalt mix and PG binder prices be combined into one bid item. In addition, submitted bids must use an updated nomenclature that streamlines the various components of the bid item.

We have collaborated to provide the following support and resources as the new system goes into effect.

Web Tool

Online Tool: Wisconsin Asphalt Bid/Mix Specifications
Using this interactive online tool, simply answer form questions about the pavement type, traffic classification, binder designation, and aggregate gradation. The system will output the appropriate WisDOT bid item number.

With this tool, you can quickly and easily generate bid item numbers for each layer of a pavement.

Guidance materials

Please contact WAPA if you would like a printed copy of these materials.