Wisconsin Asphalt Bid/Mix Specification Tool

Updated July 30, 2021

The Wisconsin Asphalt Bid/Mix Specification Tool was developed as a joint effort by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association (WAPA). There are additional mix combinations and specialty mixtures that are not represented in the tool, but are approved mixtures (ie, No. 1 37.5mm mixtures, interlayer mixes, additional binder designations, etc.).

1. Determine the Asphaltic Binder Grade based on geographical location (the Northern or Southern Asphalt Zone) and layer type.
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State Asphalt Zone (see the state map):


2. Determine the Traffic Volume based on expected ESALs or pavement application. Please click on one of the options below.


Less than 1 million ESALs, generally:

  • Residential driveways
  • Parking lots
  • School and recreational areas
    • Playground/tracks
    • Bike paths
    • Sidewalks
  • Low volume roadways
    • Subdivision streets
    • Collector streets
    • Town roads
    • County roads

1 to 8 million ESALs, generally:

  • Industrial parking lots
    • Loading docks
    • Bus stops
  • Medium volume roadways
    • Arterial streets
    • Roundabouts
    • Slow moving traffic
    • Town roads
    • County roads

More than 8 million ESALs, generally:

  • Truck terminals
  • Industrial roadways
    • Arterials
  • Four-lane divided highways
  • Interstates
  • Freeways
Alternatively, Stone Matrix Asphalt for more than 2 million ESALs

3. Determine Binder Designation based on expected loading and wear. Please click one of the available options.

Standard use (default option)
Slow moving traffic or heavy vehicles (heavy modification)
Very slow moving or very heavy vehicles (very heavy modification)
Extremely slow moving or extremely heavy vehicles (extremely heavy modification)

4. Determine Gradation from allowable aggregate NMAS. Please click one of the available options.

No. 1. 37.5 mm (WisDOT minimum layer thickness of 4.50 inches)
No. 2. 25.0 mm (WisDOT minimum layer thickness of 3.00 inches)
No. 3. 19.0 mm (WisDOT minimum layer thickness of 2.25 inches)
No. 4. 12.5 mm (WisDOT minimum layer thickness of 1.75 inches)
No. 5. 9.5 mm (WisDOT minimum layer thickness of 1.25 inches)
No. 6. 4.75 mm (WisDOT minimum layer thickness of 0.75 inches)

(Refer to Wisconsin DOT’s current Standard Specifications Section 460, Paragraph 460.3.2, “Thickness,” for maximum thickness by layer type.)


You selected mix type .

Gradation “1” = 37.5 mmGradation “2” = 25.0 mmGradation “3” = 19.0 mmGradation “4” = 12.5 mmGradation “5” = 9.5 mm
Traffic Classification “LT” = Low TrafficTraffic Classification “MT” = Medium TrafficTraffic Classification “HT” = High TrafficTraffic Classification “SMA” = Stone Matrix Asphalt alternative
Asphaltic Binder Grade = “58-34” = PG 58-34Asphaltic Binder Grade = “58-28” = PG 58-28
Binder Designation “S” = Standard useBinder Designation “H” = Heavy ModificationBinder Designation “V” = Very Heavy Modification

This mix type corresponds with Wisconsin DOT bid item: .