Wisconsin DOT Regions Earn Road Building Recognition

For work on pavement replacement using cost-effective paving techniques

Date: December 3, 2019
Contact: Brandon Strand (608) 609-8024

Madison – The Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association (WAPA) announced today that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) North Central and Northeast Regions were recipients of the 2019 State Award for advancing innovation in asphalt pavements. The winners were recognized at a ceremony during the association’s 60th Annual Conference in Pewaukee.

When pavement on a 7.4 mile segment of WIS 49 reached the end of its service life, the highway in Green Lake & Waushara Counties needed to be reconstructed. The road was replaced with new asphalt along the highway, at the intersections, using two pavement replacement processes.

  • Cold In-Place Recycling (South Street to Forest Ridge Roads), which uses a portion of the existing pavement structure.
  • Pulverize and Relay (Forest Ridge Roads to just north of WIS 23), which uses the old pavement for the base prior to applying new asphalt.

“Both processes are equal in cost and effectiveness,” said Brandon Strand, Executive Director for WAPA. “Cold In-Place Recycling is most effective in areas with poor soil conditions and WisDOT has calculated significant cost savings using this method for pavement rehabilitation. Pulverize and Relay has achieved higher smoothness and density ratings than other techniques.”

This project was administered by the North Central Region and constructed in the Northeast Region illustrating a WisDOT partnership comparing alternative paving techniques side-by-side.

“We commend the department for incorporating proven innovations into their program to ensure long-term pavement performance,” continued Strand. “The improvements will provide a smoother ride, improve drainage, and maximize the life of the current pavement structure.”

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