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Craig Reynolds
Technical Marketing Manager



As a global asphalt technology provider, Ingevity designs solutions to solve your most challenging problems while reducing costs, time and energy spent. Whether you’re looking to select the right emulsifier, learn about sustainable warm mix asphalt, increase recycling, or need the right pavement marking material, our team of experts can help.
We work with the asphalt industry to discover new ways our technologies can help solve problems. Different entities have different needs: Government agencies need higher-performing, lower-cost roads; Contractors need easy-to-use, high-performing mixes; Refiners need a reliable, safe supply for their customers. We serve them all.

Ingevity’s acquisition of Ozark Materials in 2022 expanded our portfolio of pavement marking materials, including thermoplastic pavement markings, waterborne traffic paints, glass beads and preformed thermoplastics. Our products provide resistance to automotive residue on roads, extending the life of the pavement marking and increasing driver visibility and overall safety.

In an industry where asphalts, aggregates, priorities and weather constantly change, we’re with you – from testing to plant start-up to the job site.