FORTA Corporation

1398 Highway A
Port Washington, WI 53074


Dan Large



FORTA® Corporation, founded in 1978, was the first producer to introduce synthetic fiber reinforcements to the U.S. construction market. Today, the company, based in Grove City, Pa., holds more patents than any other company in the industry, and is recognized as a leader in synthetic fiber research and development, with successful applications around the world.

Building on its history of developing, testing, and producing fiber reinforcement blends for proven applications in portland and asphalt cements, FORTA has engineered a blend specially formulated to reinforce all working temperatures of asphalt mixes - Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA), and Hot/Cold Patch (PAT). This innovative fiber, FORTA-FI, has been tested by today's tough standards. It offers dramatic cost savings by significantly reducing asphalt thickness and extending asphalt life.


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