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Khaled Hasiba
Senior Business Development Manager



Our vision is to empower a more sustainable life through our bio-based solutions, providing cutting edge asphalt technology, delivered locally, quickly and reliably. Cargill’s commitment is to build better roads and keep people safe through the most advanced asphalt solutions. For decades, Cargill has leveraged bio-based chemistries to create specific, innovative solutions for our industrial customers. With our asphalt solutions we draw on the broader Cargill portfolio of products and services to create solutions to help our customers increase performance, and lower costs – all in a responsible, more sustainable manner.

Cargill’s Anova® Asphalt Solutions offer a full range of robust bio-based chemistries: rejuvenators, modifiers, warm mix additives, anti-strip and cold mix solutions. We have a complete asphalt binder analysis and applications lab which allows us to provide a thorough picture of how our chemistries deliver material quality and consistency, while maintaining cost effectiveness. With Cargill’s renowned, international expertise, we can help you to create a solution that performs profitably.

Working with Cargill means we are with you every step of the way: from testing your materials and tailoring dosages, to supporting you on-site and collaborating on solutions that work for you.