Janesville Earns Asphalt Innovation Award

Engineering Division recognized for Recycled Asphalt Mix Designs

Date: November 28, 2017
Contact: Brandon Strand (608) 609-8024

Madison – The Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association (WAPA) announced today that the City of Janesville was the recipient of the 2017 Local Government Asphalt Award for advancing innovation in asphalt pavements. The Engineering Division was recognized today (November 28) at a ceremony during the association’s 58th Annual Conference in Madison, WI.

Last year, the city developed a new specification allowing up to 45% asphalt binder replacement in its mixes along with performance testing measures and field verification. As a result, Janesville has seen reduced rutting and cracking by using higher recycled asphalt mixes with local materials and materials engineering.

“We commend Janesville for innovatively designing pavements to ensure cost savings without sacrificing pavement performance,” said Brandon Strand, Executive Director for WAPA. “The City of Janesville works with contractors and consultants to collaborate and improve mixes for the city and is recognized as a model for other municipalities throughout the state.”

Asphalt is 100% recyclable and the most recycled product in the country, saving taxpayers over $2 billion a year, and Janesville has taken advantage of asphalt sustainability. In addition, asphalt pavements are able to use waste and byproducts from other industries, reducing environmental impacts. Asphalt pavements also require less energy to produce than other paving materials, and their production emits fewer greenhouse gases.

“The asphalt industry is continually looking for new ways to make its products more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The City of Janesville is a great example of a road authority getting new technologies out into the field as a way to make roads better,” Strand concluded.

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