This Executive Update features the "Watch for Us" national work zone safety campaign; PAVEXpress pavement design software and PaveInstruct training tool; and thin asphalt overlays.
 "Watch For Us" Safety Campaign

Pay careful attention in work zones. Put away distractions. Watch for workers.

Vital reminders like these often come at the start of the construction season, but any time of year that workers are on the road is the right time to reinforce these important messages.

It's the reason industry, government, researchers and nonprofits have partnered to create the national safety campaign "Watch for Us" (

Through the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations (SAPA), WAPA is pleased to be part of "Watch for Us." 

The #watchforus movement shares personal stories, testimonials, videos, and graphics to bring attention to this important cause. 

A full list of resources may be found on the toolkit page of the "Watch for Us" website.

 PAVEXpress Design Software

WAPA applauds the leadership and efforts of the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) and NAPA to develop
PAVEXpress pavement design software.  Engineers and designers who already have reliable software methods or software should consider giving PAVEXpress a look.

PAVEXpress is...

Free -- Users never pay to access the latest features.

Compliant -- PaveXpress designs meet the AASHTO 93 and AASHTO 98 standards. This has been demonstrated with third-party validation efforts.

Evolving -- New features are added regularly. In the four years since its launch, PAVEXpress has expanded to help users  design asphalt overlays, porous asphalt sections, and life cycle cost analyses.

Cost Effective -- PaveXpress designs are just the right thickness for the job, meeting traffic and loading needs without overdesign.

Easy to Learn -- The companion PaveInstruct website provides a learning module system with easy-to-follow instruction and guidance. Featured instructors include Dr. Dave Timm with NCAT and Trenton Clark with the Virginia Asphalt Association.

Together these features make PAVEXpress an outstanding supplement to other tools used in Wisconsin, such as WisDOT's WisPave software.

PAVEXpress can also be an excellent educational tool for students and new engineers and technologists to learn proper asphalt pavement design.

Upcoming webinar

APA invites you to an upcoming introductory webinar on this topic

Introduction to PAVEXpress
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Central
Friday, September 28, 2018

This presentation will be an overview of PAVEXpress and will also incorporate PAVEInstruct. Attendees will learn the basics of PAVEXpress as they are given a general overview of each module.

WAPA believes this session will be an excellent first step for anyone considering this valuable design tool. Moreover, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the PAVEXpess software.
 Thin Asphalt Overlays

Once pavement damage begins, the process typically accelerates. Surface cracks will quickly turn into deep structural damage if left unattended.

This concept is spelled out in the Wisconsin's Asphalt PASER Manual as well as WAPA's own Asphalt Pavement Design Guide: The sooner a road agency can address preventive maintenance, the longer it can extend pavement life.

An excellent and relatively low-cost method for conducting preventative maintenance is thin asphalt overlays, or Thinlays. Asphalt overlays of just 5/8 inches or more can keep pavements in good condition, adding years -- as many as 10 to 12 -- before a roadway will require traditional maintenance.

Wisconsin DOT is on board with Thinlays. The state is putting this maintenance technique to work, knowing that the investment (incrementally higher than non-structural surface treatments) is more than returned with extended pavement life. 

Other WAPA partners have seen success with thinlays as well, including the City of Platteville (winner of the WAPA innovation award in 2016) and Marathon  County (another award winner in 2016).

WAPA stands ready to provide guidance to other counties and municipalities who can see their maintenance dollars go further with this proven preservation tool. Please call or email WAPA or contact your local WAPA member representative.

For more information and additional national resources, visit NAPA's Thin Overlays Page. In addition, NAPA just published a detailed guide, Thinlays for Pavement Preservation, available from its online store (free for NAPA members and for government/education employees).

 In Closing

As we look to the fall, I'd like to pass along a few quick announcements and reminders.

First, WAPA has updated our Asphalt Parking Lot Design Guide with a two-page Guide for New Parking Lot Owners . The appendix explains what to expect from a new parking lot, best practices for optimum performance, and maintenance tips.

Second, please save the date:

WAPA's 59th Annual Conference and Business Meeting
November 27-28, 2018
Madison Concourse Hotel
Madison, Wisconsin

Highlighted preliminary agenda items for the general sessions and technical breakout sessions include:
  • NASCAR track standards, with a featured speaker with NASCAR
  • Post-election transportation funding update
  • Perpetual pavements technical breakout
  • Pavement preservation technical breakout
  • "Back to Basics" technical breakouts on paving and compaction
A full agenda will be published shortly with registration to follow soon after.

Finally, for WAPA members, our  Wisconsin Asphalt Industry Insider will have an October 2018 issue. Please look for details soon on how to participate.

As always, if you have any questions about this information or if we can be of assistance in any other way, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks again.