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The Summer 2019 issue of Asphalt Institute's Asphalt Magazine highlighted rubblization in its cover story and prominently featured WAPA member Antigo Construction .

The article, "Rubblizing to rehabilitate existing pavements" discusses rubblization as the most cost-effective option to rehabilitate badly distressed concrete pavement in West Virginia. Contractors in the state opted to use the multihead breaker (MHB) manufactured by Antigo. As the article details:

In order to optimize the rubblization process, contractors worked closely with Antigo personnel to customize the equipment setup and operation for each particular project.
The MHB Badger BreakerŪ has sixteen drop hammers mounted laterally in pairs with half of the hammers in a forward row and the remainder diagonally offset in a rear row providing continuous breaking of up to thirteen feet wide. The hammers vary in weight from 1,200 to 2,000 pounds with the choice of hammers utilized based on the energy required to adequately fracture the particular concrete pavement. The drop height of each pair of hammers is independently adjustable to ensure the proper amount of breaking across the width of the machine. The travel speed of the MHB is adjusted to vary the spacing between hammer hits.
Matt Shinners of Antigo talked about factors that should be considered when setting up the MHB for a specific project: "The support provided by the subgrade and base significantly affects the particle sizing that is achievable. Generally, the better the support the smaller and more consistent the particles can be produced. The combination of hammer weights, drop heights and machine speed allow the MHB to perform the optimum rubblizing pattern for each particular combination of concrete pavement and subgrade/base support to meet the specification requirement for particle size."

Read about the broad success and bright future of rubblization in the full article.


How much do you really understand about High RAP?

Engineered Additives is a proven technology provider for the asphalt plant, contractor and terminal operator. We committed to lead the asphalt marketplace into performance-based green rejuvenation in 2007, well before the idea of High RAP mixes became popular. Engineered Additives has continued to provide High RAP/RAS rejuvenation with green chemistry throughout the United States, Canada and overseas for more than 10 years; in each case, meeting or exceeding new performance standards and with far better compaction, all in a single dose. We understand the challenges of working with RAP & RAS and we have repeatedly demonstrated our knowledge and experience by our many successes. 

We introduced novel and lower cost GREEN chemistry for Warm-Mix applications over ten years ago. If you water-foam your mix, we can offer you new mix efficiencies through vastly improved foam stability and well-proven mix durability. We can help you to expand your delivery territory and build your customer base from each foaming operation. Our family of polymer cross-linkers have been well recognized since our beginning and our next-generation fast-acting low-odor asphalt cross-linker dramatically reduces PMA batch time and can effectively increase your production capacity without investment, while reducing the risk of over-reaction or gelling. We have the answers, the experience and the products you need to successfully grow your business.


Steady Progress in Superior Refinery Rebuild

Husky is making steady progress in its plans to return to full operations at its Superior Refinery. The company has received the required permit approvals to begin reconstruction activities at the site, and work is expected to begin immediately. Demolition of damaged equipment resulting from a fire in April 2018 is now largely complete, and the rebuild will take place over the next two years with an expected return to full operations in late 2021.

Key features of the rebuild include:
  • A modernized facility with the same capacity and ability to produce a full slate of products, including asphalt, gasoline, diesel and fuel oils.
  • Best Available Control Technology (BACT), which incorporates advances in technology and efficiencies made across the refining industry.
  • A more energy-efficient facility in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Hundreds of contract jobs expected at peak construction. Local contractors and services will be employed in the rebuild whenever possible.
For the 2020 paving season, Husky will provide asphalt to the Wisconsin market from our terminals in Rhinelander, WI and Crookston, MN. Polymer-modified asphalt will be shipped from La Crosse, WI.

The refinery employs approximately 200 workers and has played an integral role in the Superior-Duluth region's economy for more than 60 years. Husky remains committed to the Superior community for decades to come.

For the latest information on the Superior refinery, please visit


Meyer Doubles Down on Repairs
With the opening of Wm. W. Meyer's seven thousand square foot service and repair facility in Minneapolis, MN, the expanded range of service for customers in central and northern Wisconsin is notable. A leading manufacturer of rotary airlock valves, Meyer has the engineering expertise to understand the valve in operation and when they wear down we are the perfect company to rebuild or repair your unit.

Along with its Libertyville, IL plant which services southern Wisconsin, the Minneapolis facility offers a stock delivery program for spare or replacement parts and provides expertise to troubleshoot on any brand including Meyer and Smoot. Remanufactured and new replacements for Sutorbuilt, Duroflow and Roots Blowers are also available.

Meyer's two fully-focused service centers offer:
  • Free, no-risk pickup and estimates
  • Same-day shipments on new stocked Asphalt Valves
  • Pure rebuilds to extend warrantable life at a fraction of the cost
  • All valves tested with documented clearances and power consumption
  • A 12-month warranty
With Meyer specializing in abrasion-resistant designs, each valve is restored to its original specification saving both time and money.

Now in its fourth generation, Meyer has focused on developing a solid foundation with the best people, state-of-the-art equipment, and an excellent physical plant. 
Meyer Industrial Solutions Division produces premier system components for dry bulk material processing equipment, pneumatic conveying and dust collectors. 

Call today to inquire about FREE valve pickup and repair estimates. (800) 963-4458 or visit


BOMAG has updated its 10' Highway Class asphalt pavers, which combine features that deliver unmatched productivity and quality pavements while providing an extremely enhanced environment for both the operator and the crew. Both models, the CR1030W & CR1030T, are designed and built in the USA at BOMAG's Ridgeway, SC, headquarters.

Both the wheeled and tracked versions offer exclusive features -- such as  Frame Raise, 3 Point Suspension, Smartrac, and Side View -- that deliver award winning pavements. They are powered by a Cummins Tier 4F engine and have an operating weight of 38,000 lbs./260HP for the wheeled version and 42,600 lbs./225HP for the track version.

Miller-Bradford & Risberg will tailor your paver to meet your needs, including options on the tractor, various screed choices, and automatics/machine control. All of this will be backed by a dealership that has been committed and totally invested in supporting the asphalt paving industry for 75 years.


Reliable Asphalt Products is proud to present:
The MINDS Suite of Asphalt Plant Control Systems & Automation

MINDS automation systems for asphalt plants, emulsion, and modified bitumen/asphalt plants are renowned for reliability, configurability and accuracy. These automation systems are used in hundreds of plants worldwide, and more and more asphalt producers chose MINDS as their preferred plant control solution.

The production-level data forms the foundation that flows up the pipeline to our large-scope job/business management IT tools. The human interface has been thoroughly designed in collaboration with actual operators. The layout of information allows for a quick understanding of the overall workings. Delays and timing, for example, are displayed over a graphic representation of material flow and plant layout.

These types of details help to prevent errors and misinterpretation. Large arrays of numbers are avoided, in favor of clear symbolic information. The operator remains in control and the process can be stopped and resumed at any time, while direct control of motors is always possible. The software can control silo storage, including complex conveying layouts, ensuring a clean and precise change of silo following a mix change.

MINDS control systems:
  • Controls part or ALL asphalt drum plant operations, fully customizable
  • Software interface is highly visual for ease of use
  • Works with our XIO controller modules, without PLCs
  • Integrated Burner Control, fully profileable
  • Customizable reporting, alarm and data logging
  • Full Load Out and Load In system, with option Ticketing interface.
Contact Reliable Asphalt Products about your new MINDS plant Control System today!


TRI-STATE ASPHALT Now Offering Trackless Tack and Non-Tracking Tack Coats
Tri-State Asphalt's new and improved trackless tack and non tracking tack coats are a specialized asphalt emulsion that breaks within minutes and possesses superior strength compared to the conventional tack coat. 

Our trackless and non tracking tack coats minimize the inconveniences to the motorized public and save contractors time and money.

Our materials can be produced to meet all DOT specifications and AASHTO testing requirements across the United States.

We offer our customers:
  • The highest quality asphalt and emulsion products
  • Custom mix designs
  • Professional and talented laboratory technicians
  • Custom formulations for asphalt and emulsion products
  • Incomparable customer service
  • Our own fleet to deliver right to your plant or job site
  • Competitive pricing
  • And More!
Visit our website at

Or give us a call! We'd love to answer any questions you may have. 815-942-0080


Troxler Announces Purchase of TestQuip, LLC

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc., the global leader in testing and measurement equipment for the road construction industry, and TestQuip, LLC, a producer of high quality crack testing equipment and accessories for contractors, states and research groups, announce today the purchase of TestQuip by Troxler. This union brings the highest quality and most advanced crack testing suite of products to the Troxler portfolio, rounding out the full offering of Balanced Mix Design products.

Mr. William F. Troxler, Jr is excited about this acquisition stating, "We already make the premiere Hamburg rut testing equipment and adding the next piece of the puzzle will give us the best Balanced Mix Design offering available in both quality, accuracy and durability. We hope to help each state choose the tests that will best predict performance for that area."

The Balanced Mix Design (BMD), or Performance-Engineered Mixture Design (PEMD), is an adjustment to the current USA Superpave volumetric testing that adds performance testing to the equation in the form of both rut and crack testing. This means that pavement designers will be able to model consistency in volumetrics and performance in BMD with these new tests, enabling states and contractors to build long- lasting asphalt roads with minimum maintenance required.

Mr. Tom Brovold of TestQuip, an industry thought leader and expert with servo hydraulics, stated "After carefully designing the most robust and accurate devices in the industry, I wanted to take it to the next level. Having worked with Troxler on other products for many years, there was only one place I wanted to go that has the expertise and ethics to do it the right way and that was Troxler." Mr. Brovold will stay on for a while with Troxler to continue to promote and develop this test equipment. Troxler will add a Minnesota location to its company.

For crack testing, Troxler now offers the most popular tests including: the I-FIT, IDEAL- CT, DCT and Texas Overlay Tester.

For rut testing, Troxler continues to make the leading Hamburg Wheel Tracker on the market which has the most advanced features like the Trox-Lift (patent pending) pneumatic arm lift, full shielding light curtain for safety and easy access and the most intuitive software to easily access data and reports from the tests.

Across the nation, many DOTs are already implementing or testing the BMD approach with six DOTs already using it and another 20 DOTs using some sort of rut and crack testing in mix design. Troxler is proud to offer this complete BMD product portfolio to the road construction industry and help pave the way to the future by continuously producing, inventing, buying and ultimately providing the highest quality, longest lasting instrumentation to its customers.


Founded in 1958, Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and servicing precision quality control and measurement equipment for the worldwide highway and construction industry. Troxler's comprehensive portfolio of field products include nuclear and electromagnetic gauges for quality control of soils, asphalt, aggregate and concrete. Troxler's laboratory products include gyratory compactors, infrared ovens and a device for measuring bulk specific gravity for quality control testing of asphalt specimens. With the highest quality instrumentation backed by the most reliable customer service and support around the world, Troxler continues to be the most trusted name in quality control and quality assurance for the construction industry.

Additional information about Troxler products and services can be found by accessing the Troxler World Wide Web site at or by calling 1.877.TROXLER (1.877.876.9537) or
+1.919.549.8661 if outside the USA.

Additional information about TestQuip can be found at


Helping Interns Reach Their Destinations

At Walbec, we have designed our internship program to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the construction industry and currently welcome over 30 students from a variety of educational programs to our organization each summer. This program provides a learning experience that introduces interns to all facets of the company and fosters mentoring relationships with professionals in a variety of roles. From the office to the field and everywhere in between, our interns gain real-world experience that helps them to begin to apply their education to a career setting.

It is our desire to have interns join our team early in their education and then return each summer until they graduate. This progressive internship model allows us to build a strong foundation to ensure the transition into a full-time career after graduation is seamless. We have found this program to be a valuable part of our recruitment strategy as it helps us to continue to grow a world-class workforce throughout our family of companies.

We value the partnerships we have with educational institutions throughout the Midwest and know that this program is essential for developing our future leaders. As a family of companies, we benefit greatly from all that our interns teach us and enjoy the many opportunities we have to collaborate with them.


November 7
Sheraton Madison

From the buses in Racine to the Port of Green Bay to the rail lines in Superior to the Waukesha County Airport to the roads we use every day, Wisconsin's transportation network is the key to connecting goods to market and people to jobs.

TDA and partners have had success in the last several years, raising the awareness of the transportation funding issue and securing significant new, ongoing revenue in the 2019-2021 budget. But we are not done yet.

Join us at this year's annual meeting to acknowledge our accomplishments, celebrate some exciting things happening in Wisconsin that would not be possible without the state's transportation system, and to hear what's next.

Because at TDA, we know... It's About TIME.


The  Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association has announced its 2020 Board of Directors
  • Board Member and President - Scott Touve, Old Castle - Kenosha
  • Board Member and Vice-President - Chad Hoeppner, County Materials Corp. - Madison
  • Board Member and Secretary/Treasurer - Steve Benton, Welch Brothers - Bartlett
  • Board Member and Past President - Jonesy Jones, Welch Brothers - Belvidere
  • Board Member - Nick Martinec, Welch Brothers - Bartlett
  • Board Member - Glen Hoeppner, County Materials Corp. - Madison
  • Board Member - Bryan Rempt - County Materials Corp. - Holmen
  • Board Member - Jeff Delia - Old Castle -  Romeoville
  • Board Member - Rick Gerroll - County Materials Corp. - Green Bay
  • Board Member - Jeff Ringle - County Materials - Marathon
  • Board Member - Travis Lathrop - County Materials Corp. - Milwaukee
  • Board Member - Carlos Villarreal - County Materials Corp. - Roberts
WCPA members are pleased to provide reinforced concrete pipe to the construction industry as a cost-effective solution to storm drainage while protecting the asphalt pavement constructed over it.

Contact Executive Director Clark Wantoch at or call (414) 327-5272 for a Lunch & Learn presentation. Learn about the benefits and cost-effectiveness of reinforced concrete pipe, as well as the risks associated with the use of alternate pipe types.



Thanks as always to all WAPA members who participated in this newsletter.

In closing, we would like to remind readers about WAPA's 60th Annual Conference and Business Meeting on December 3-4 at the Ingleside Hotel (formerly Country Springs) in Pewaukee.

See the Conference Page for the full conference agenda and hotel information. Space in our discounted room block is limited -- make your reservation today.

In addition to the  General Session presentations, we will again offer professional development hours for  Technical Breakout Sessions , including the following:
  • Stone-Matrix Asphalt (SMA)
    SMA was developed to provide heavily trafficked roads with a durable, rut-resistant wearing course using a gap-graded aggregate structure and a modified asphalt binder at elevated asphalt contents. This session will illustrate why SMA has been used worldwide for almost 50 years, and capture advancements in mixtures and pavements over the past 25 years since the first SMA pavement was placed in Wisconsin.
  • Air Quality/Emissions
    This session will provide a review of applicable asphalt industry rules and compliance expectations with information on the general operation permit revision process, state department resources, and an invitation for feedback going forward.
  • Asphalt Pavement for Recreational Facilities
    This session will address the important factors that need to be considered when designing and constructing recreational facilities such as running tracks, tennis courts, and golf cart paths. These types of facilities do not carry heavy loads and therefore need to be built differently than roads and freeways. Specific mixture requirements are needed to build a durable pavement that will resist environmental distresses such as cracking and raveling. Restricted work areas also present challenges that will be discussed during this session.
  • Back to Basics: Aggregates
    The aggregate skeleton is what provides the majority of strength and stability in an asphalt mixture. Choosing the right gradation and knowing how aggregate properties impact mixture performance are critical to ensuring pavement performance. This session explores how the size and type of aggregates can impact asphalt mixture design and performance.
  • Back to Basics: Mix Design
    Building on an understanding of binder properties, aggregates, and volumetrics, this session provides a basic overview of the steps for asphalt mixture design using the Superpave method, including discussion of hoy recycled material affects mix design considerations.
  • Ethics Training
    Back by popular demand, this session will focus on the fundamental canons of professional conduct and other appropriate administrative rules and regulations. The discussion is designed to demonstrate a working knowledge of professional ethics and satisfy the requirement for "professional conduct and ethics".
As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if there is ever any way we may be of assistance. Thanks again, and see you in December.

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