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Now available from Miller-Bradford & Risberg!
CASE Construction launched the new B Series Skid Steers and CTLs in 2020 at CONEXPO. These deliver simplified operation and put more power and control into the hands of the operator. The all-new creep speed allows the operator to set the machine speed at a consistent, slow creep while independently setting the attachment speed via the throttle for optimal use of brooms and cold planers.

Inside the cab the new eight-inch LCD multi-function display provides the operator with an industry-exclusive split-screen that shows both the backup camera (operational in both forward and reverse), as well as critical operational data and machine settings in an automotive-style layout. These units rely on Tier IV Final emissions solutions that require no lifetime maintenance or filter replacement.

The enhancements to the B Series, combined with the CASE legacy of delivering a contractor grade machine (not a commercial-level product) has earned the CASE B Series Skid Steers & CTL’s a Top 50 New Products of 2020 by Equipment Today magazine.
Baker Tilly helps construction contractors assess COVID-19 rebound preparedness with recovery assessment
COVID-19 has affected many industries and is likely to impact the construction industry for years to come. By strengthening business resilience today, contractors develop a focused and prepared strategy and adjust business practices in order to emerge stronger after the disruption.

How prepared is your company for recovery? Assess your COVID-19 preparedness with Baker Tilly’s COVID-19 Recovery Assessment tool, created specifically for construction contractors to evaluate where their recovery plan needs attention. After completing the full assessment you will receive a report custom-created based on your responses. The report assesses where you fall in six major categories: operations, profitability and revenue; client relationships and branding; human capital and succession; financial resilience and business optimization; IT infrastructure and cybersecurity; and stabilization of subcontractors and suppliers.

For additional information on the importance of recovery readiness and how contractors can combat common challenges resulting from the rebound, listen to Baker Tilly’s latest Building Resilience podcast episode.
Gencor's new G-Series hot mix plant can be erected virtually anywhere
Gencor Industries, Inc. leads the road and highway construction industry with some of the most respected and recognized names and the highest-quality equipment. Bituma, General Combustion (Genco), HyWay, H&B (Hetherington & Berner), and Blaw-Knox have earned their reputation with over 100 years of quality and integrity. Each company is a leader in its field and is dedicated to producing innovative technology and the highest-quality equipment to road and highway contractors. Virtually every major innovation for the last 30 years in energy release, heat transfer, alternative fuels, asphalt production, and the environmental sciences as they relate to Gencor Industries have been spawned inside one of the Gencor enterprises.

The new Gencor G-Series is the latest innovation in small portable hot mix plants, providing contractors with all the features of Gencor's award-winning Ultraplant® in a smaller, more-compact and highly mobile plant that can be erected and operational virtually anywhere. The G Series is a ruggedly designed plant built with all the same features you have come to expect from Gencor for years of dependable service.
Gencor Industries remains focused on proactively serving and satisfying its customers from all aspects. Through improved cost-effectiveness and quality of its products and services, Gencor's personnel are dedicated to the principle of providing the highest quality to the industry to maintain a sustainable, competitive advantage for Gencor.
The management and staff of Asphalt Plus LLC bring hundreds of years of collective skills and experience to every customer served
Asphalt Plus LLC has been paving with dry process for two decades. We bring mix modification to asphalt producers to help build better roads.

Elastiko® ECR has millions of mix tons in service with hundreds of mix designs, including thinlay pavements. Asphalt Plus LLC Elastiko® ECR superior asphalt has over 20 years of great performance and cost savings.
Welcome to Benchmark, Inc., Mike Kvach!
Benchmark, Inc is excited to announce the hire of Mike Kvach! Mike has a long history in the pavement industry, including work at the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, National Asphalt Pavement Association, Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa, as well as road building equipment manufacturing. Mike’s focus at Benchmark will be on building relationships with our clients and helping manage their pavement assets.

Benchmark, Inc Pavement Division
2110 Pewaukee Road, Suite D
Waukesha, WI 53188
Delivering on density goals: Cargill's Anova® Warm Mix additive
Wright County, located in north central Minnesota, can get cold. Really cold. So, when a stretch of county road needed reconstruction, it called for a consistent and reliable warm mix asphalt solution to deliver on state and local specifications and contractor density goals.

In Minnesota, warm mix asphalt is defined as any mix produced at temperatures lower than 30 degrees Farenheit. Additives, including Cargill’s bio-based Anova® Warm Mix, were key in producing an effective mix.

After winning the bid, the contractor began work in August 2020 and anticipates finishing in October, when mid-day high temperatures start to dip into the 50s.
The specifications for this project required that the plant target producing the mix at 225 degrees and that the compaction temperatures are 215 degrees or less. This surface mix was a 9.5mm, Level 4 polymer modified mix with a binder grade of PG58V-34. It was produced around 230 degrees and the first compaction pass was 200 degrees. 

Despite these strict specifications, the contractor was able to obtain full mat density pay factor (averaging 93.4 percent compaction) and reported no workability issues or discrepancies during production.

Not only did the approach deliver on performance goals, there was a clear environmental benefit with the reduction of fuel and greenhouse gases when mixing at a lower temperature (at 230-240 degrees as opposed to 300 degrees).

More counties across the region will be taking note given the benefits of lower fuel emissions, cost, environmental impact and overall mix performance.

Anova 1501 Warm Mix Additive is approved for use in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois, as well as many other states. Contact for more information.
Up your safety game with threat assessments
It was approximately 3 a.m. when our crew heard a loud pop. They immediately looked at one another, knowing what they had just heard was not fireworks. Another shot rang out. This time our superintendent felt something buzz by his ear as the shots ricocheted off the fence. He immediately yelled for everyone to take cover behind their trucks. Seven shots were fired that night from an overpass onto Interstate 94 near the Marquette Interchange in Milwaukee. Thankfully no one from our Walbec team was injured.

Working on construction projects in major metropolitan areas throughout the country can pose significant risk to our construction professionals. In our current climate, this risk has only increased. As we evaluated and learned from this incident, our team has taken additional steps, especially during night work, to ensure the safety of our crews as well as WisDOT and engineering staff.
We have worked in areas where safety has been a concern before and we continue to direct our team to refrain from engaging with the public and to contact local law enforcement when necessary. If a threat escalates, we take all precautions to keep our team members safe. As a rule of thumb, we aim to complete as much work as we can before dark, as there are many factors that make night work more challenging. In some cases though, due to high traffic volumes on freeways or at major intersections, we are required to perform our work at night as contracted with WisDOT or local municipalities. Work at night happens during shortened time periods, requires coordination around potentially longer haul times, and there is an increased risk of drivers who could be inattentive, driving recklessly, or driving under the influence.

Immediately after the I-94 incident, the team came together to address what had occurred and postponed work until a comprehensive plan was developed to safely return to work. Once the detailed plan was finalized, the team met with the crews to communicate the plan, ensure everyone understood, and answer any questions or concerns before proceeding. In recognizing the impact this incident had on the entire team and the transparency in sharing the plan, the team collectively agreed to move forward. 

Safety Plan Enhancements:
  • Additional outside lanes and sidewalk closures on the overpass to prevent access potential.
  • Additional light plants to provide more lighting on the overpass, frontage road, and work area.
  • Numerous security guards on the overpass and frontage road.
  • Security-accompanied quality control technician.
  • Two-way radios for all team members on-site to provide open and clear communication
  • A special green strobe light with a siren mounted to the paver to provide visual/audible warnings
  • Equipment and trucks strategically placed to provide safe barriers if audible or visual alarms were activated

As an organization, these types of incidents reinforce the need to conduct a thorough risk/threat assessment for every job, consider all safety needs at the time of bid, and create, communicate, and execute a well-thought-out plan. Additional safety training should also be provided to team members to ensure everyone understands the safety protocols if an incident occurs. These lessons-learned are good reminders for all contractors to re-examine how they approach complex night projects in order to keep safety at the forefront of planning.  
The Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association has announced its 2021 Board of Directors:

  • Board Member and President - Chad Hoeppner, County Materials Corp. - Madison
  • Board Member and Vice-President - Steve Benton, Welch Brothers - Bartlett
  • Board Member and Secretary/Treasurer - Matt Kupper, Oldcastle - Kenosha
  • Board Member and Past President - Scott Touve, Oldcastle - Kenosha
  • Board Member - Bob "Jonesy" Jones, Welch Brothers - Belvidere
  • Board Member - Nick Martinec, Welch Brothers - Bartlett
  • Board Member - Glen Hoeppner, County Materials Corp. - Madison
  • Board Member - Bryan Rempt, County Materials Corp. - Holmen
  • Board Member - Jeff Delia, Old Castle -  Romeoville
  • Board Member - Rick Gerroll, County Materials Corp. - Green Bay
  • Board Member - Jeff Ringle, County Materials - Marathon
  • Board Member - Travis Lathrop, County Materials Corp. - Milwaukee
  • Board Member - Carlos Villarreal, County Materials Corp. - Roberts
WCPA members are pleased to provide reinforced concrete pipe to the construction industry as a cost-effective solution to storm drainage while protecting the asphalt pavement constructed over it.

Contact Executive Director Clark Wantoch at or call (414) 327-5272 for a Lunch & Learn presentation. Learn about the benefits and cost-effectiveness of reinforced concrete pipe, as well as the risks associated with the use of alternate pipe types.
It's more than a project, It's a commitment
MSA Professional Services, Inc. (MSA) continues to expand its geographic reach and service offerings with new office locations in Milwaukee and West Bend, as well as the relocation and growth of the firm’s Appleton office. No stranger to the southeastern part of the state, MSA has worked on a wide variety of community infrastructure projects across the Midwest, many involving mobility design, roundabouts and construction services. The firm’s Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) project along CTH H in Sauk County was one of the first CIR projects in Wisconsin to utilize the process, specifically employing a specialized CIR machine.

In September 2019, the firm also announced the acquisition of Muermann Engineering, which adds electrical, technology, plumbing, HVAC and fire sprinkler design services to the company’s multidisciplinary profile. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to broaden our locales as well as our areas of expertise,” commented Mike Statz, PE, chief operating officer at MSA. “We look forward to building upon existing relationships and creating new ones across the state of Wisconsin.”
About MSA Professional Services, Inc.
MSA is a 100%-employee-owned, full-service multidisciplinary consulting firm serving clients throughout the U.S. Based in 17 offices across Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, MSA partners with clients to help solve today’s complex and multi-faceted infrastructure challenges and specializes in the sustainable development of communities. When you work with MSA, it’s more than a project. It’s a commitment.
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