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Vulcan Burner by Reliable Combustion: A revolutionary new era in burners
Reliable Asphalt Products, Inc. is proud to introduce the Vulcan Burners to the U.S. hot mix industry. Our Vulcan Burners are multiple-fuel burners that are designed to provide flame stability over a wide operating range. Each Vulcan Burner can be adjusted to meet the customer’s requirements based on aggregate dryer or drum mixer size and material type. The Vulcan Burner is designed for the highest operating efficiency to reduce fuel costs and provide the customer with the lowest possible per-ton production cost. All Vulcan Burners can be fired on all grades of fuel oil, natural gas, LP gas or a simultaneous combination of fuels. Additional features include:

  • Single-motor, total air design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Direct-drive, VFD-controlled blower
  • Minimal modifications to change fuel source
  • Energy efficiency compared to other brands
CWMF adds in-house industrial automation capabilities for asphalt plant equipment design and production
Industrial automation and plant controls are essential components of any asphalt plant. So much so that we have acquired and integrated our long-time supplier, Eagle Electric, and now represent
a complete line of industrial-grade controls and control components for the asphalt and aggregate industries. We can provide the engineering, manufacturing, retrofits/upgrades, installation, start-up, and training — every phase and stage of service to get you up and running at peak efficiency.

Before the 2022 acquisition, Eagle Electric was a company based in St. Cloud, Minnesota with more than 30 years of experience in service, design, manufacturing, and installation of industrial controls, automation, and electronics, with proven expertise in hot mix asphalt plant equipment and maintenance.

“The acquisition was a natural extension of our already-strong working relationship with
this local supplier,” explains CWMF President and CEO Carmie Mick. “It opened the
door for us to streamline manufacturing and service and remove supply chain uncertainty
while maintaining our shared focus on the customer.”

Integrating industrial automation

Bringing industrial automation into our internal design and manufacturing process enables us to work even more seamlessly with customers to customize their unique applications. Since the acquisition, our team has been working diligently to leverage the strengths of Eagle Electric while gaining efficiencies in the design and production processes.

“It hasn’t always been easy to blend two businesses with such a rich history, but it has
been worth the effort,” adds Sales Manager Wally Olson. “Having the dedicated
industrial automation capacity in-house means we can customize solutions and quote our
customers’ delivery dates with greater confidence.”

What customers can count on

Whether customers are looking for a comprehensive asphalt plant design project or a point
solution for an existing plant, industrial automation is now fully baked into our collaborative
process. We are at your service for plant controls, burner tune-ups, and all other aspects of
asphalt plant equipment.
MBR has the BOMAG light combination roller your project needs
Asphalt surface quality can be improved considerably by the use of BOMAG light combination rollers. BOMAG offers units with working widths from 36 - 54 inches, and MBR currently has 48-inch-width models available in stock for immediate delivery. The rolling and kneading effect of the rubber wheels pulls bitumen to the surface and achieves maximum sealing of the asphalt layer. The tires’ adaptability also makes clean compaction on transitions and edges possible. These units are becoming highly sought on commercial projects, especially where the outward appearance of the mat is crucial.
Asphalt plant insulating services from Motion Engineering, Inc.
Insulation is all about conserving energy and saving money. With today’s rising energy costs, quality insulation is a must. One-inch insulation around pipes can reduce your heat loss by upwards of a million BTUs per day, and even more in larger plants. That can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. As your partner in saving you money, Motion Engineering, Inc. has the most effective methods and materials to insulate your pipes/valves, pumps, tanks, and drums … basically anything hot.
With an active plant, you are constantly cycling your hot-oil heater and running heat-transfer fluid through your pipes. If your equipment isn’t insulated properly, you are wasting energy and losing money. With our 40-plus years of experience, we are experts at examining your plant, finding spots where there may be heat loss, and insulating them to help lower your energy costs.
Need custom blankets? We will come to your site, measure your equipment, and build custom removable blankets on site for all your pumps, valves and equipment needs.
For more information visit our website.
GRAEF has provided clients with a full-range of custom design solutions since 1961
GRAEF is a full-service engineering, planning and design firm, located in 10 offices throughout the Midwest, Florida and Turks and Caicos. We offer our clients a full range of design services and take pride in having a dedicated staff skilled in the latest technologies with knowledge of the evolving marketplace.
Our transportation team has the technical ability to envision project goals and formulate a roadmap to completion. Together with the client, our design team will evaluate options and technologies. Having the client as a key team member leads to success and assures that the results maximize public acceptance and minimize the environmental impacts. Bridges that become visual landmarks, roundabouts that enhance safety, and expressways that improve mobility are all the result of our design teams’ efforts. Our innovative solutions help communities thrive by connecting key nodes of activity.
Our field and construction personnel complement our planning and design services at GRAEF. Together, we offer the complete package that will lead to your projects' success.
Learn more about GRAEF at
OnStation is the leading digital stationing platform
From the launch of the OnStation App on both the Apple App (2018) and Google Play stores (2019) to 940 projects being digitally stationed within the platform nationwide, OnStation has expanded and grown its products to equip jobsites with tools that just make sense. OnStation has expanded its platform to include user-requested features such as a User Management Portal and Data Portal, which are currently offered in exclusive packages on the website. 

So, what’s next? Just imagine having your tools integrated seamlessly while also having an easy-to-use digital stationing platform. The OnStation team has been working countless hours to partner and integrate with the industry's top systems. Current partners and integrations include HeavyJob (HCSS), FleetWatcher, and Bad Elf, with more available to view at OnStation Integrations

P.S. - Be on the lookout for OnStation Version 4, coming soon! 

Save the date for our featured webinar event on June 8:

Optimizing the OnStation & FleetWatcher Integration 
Get inspired by the experts to connect all your systems together! We’ve worked closely with the FleetWatcher (powered by Earthwave Technologies) team to push out this integration. We’re excited to walk you through the power these systems can bring to you and your team, whether on the jobsite or in the office. Register now!
FORTA supplies the highest-quality synthetic reinforcement fibers and services to the global concrete industry
Our goal at FORTA is to create tougher, more durable pavements while using time, money, & material resources wisely. Our products offer innovative solutions to protect and enhance asphalt’s longevity while expanding the pavement’s life cycle. We accomplished this by adding 3D fiber reinforcement via FORTA-FI®. This fiber holds the aggregate together to increase the asphalt’s durability. Years of research on FORTA-FI® has been conducted, including projects with NCAT, MnROADS, FHWA, PSU, & ASU.

Transportation departments nationwide have found a way to create longer-lasting pavements while cutting project costs, increasing safety, and reducing maintenance costs by adding FORTA-FI. FORTAfied™ projects with the New York Department of Transportation have saved a projected 33% overall by eliminating repair work while extending pavement life by two to three years. The state has used more than a million tons of fiber-reinforced asphalt and will continue to build on their efforts to strengthen the state's roadway system.
Savings realized by the reduced repair work and deferment of scheduled maintenance has allowed states like New York to begin catching up on years of backlogged projects. Using reinforced asphalt allows transportation dollars to be used to replace poor asphalt instead of maintaining it.

FORTA-FI requires no change to the specified mix design and can be used in all working temperatures, eliminating downtime and lost revenue. These specialized fibers are compatible with both batch and drum plants at all productions speeds. FORTA-FI helps combat issues associated with asphalt failures by offering your customers a superior, more profitable pavement.

Since 1926, MCC, Inc's positive safety culture has been continuously practiced from the top down, throughout every ton of material, yard of concrete, and mile of asphalt
MCC, Inc. now offers road and parking lot reclamation and milling services, CDL training reimbursement, and on-the-job training with great advancement opportunities in asphalt paving!

Based out of Appleton, the MCC, Inc. family has been proudly serving Northeast Wisconsin since 1926. We have the skills and experience to service all your construction needs with our specialization in aggregate production, asphalt paving and heavy civil construction, trucking services, ready-mix concrete delivery, and so much more.
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