This Executive Update features the latest industry updates as well as dates for the 2022 Annual Conference and Business Meeting.
Asphalt Industry Sets Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Goal
During its 2022 Annual Meeting in January, the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) unveiled The Road Forward, a series of bold actions and innovative resources to help the asphalt pavement industry achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

In the video below, NAPA describes its commitment to this green initiative.
Elements of the plan may sound familiar, building on existing industry initiatives such as the use of more reclaimed asphalt pavement and warm mix asphalt technologies. However, the plan recognizes that more must be done and sets ambitious goals, identifies gaps in current knowledge and provides a vision for galvanizing the industry to action.

NAPA's plan is the culmination of more than a year of work by a 21-member Climate Stewardship Task Force, including leadership from State Asphalt Pavement Associations Inc. (read more about SAPA Inc later in this newsletter). The Task Force studied the industry's current actions related to climate change, identified opportunities for improvement and crafted a mission, vision and roadmap to meet four primary goals:

  1. Achieve net-zero carbon emissions during asphalt production and construction by 2050.
  2. Partner with customers to reduce emissions by 2050 through pavement quality, durability, longevity and efficiency standards.
  3. Develop a net-zero materials supply chain by 2050.
  4. Transition to electricity from renewable energy providers in support of net-zero carbon electricity generation by 2050 and reduce electrical intensities.

The work will be aided by pooled-fund research partially underwritten by WAPA member contributions.

Thanks to NAPA's leadership, the asphalt industry will be prepared to combat climate change and ensure its long-term viability and prosperity. 

Learn more about the goals and how the asphalt pavement industry is taking action now at

Panel Discusses Federal Infrastructure Funds
Earlier this month, WAPA joined other organizations in sponsoring a panel discussion to explore ideas for investing funds from the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Panelists included WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson, Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and former Wisconsin State Representative Jeff Stone, now with Kapur & Associates.

The panelists agreed the new federal infrastructure dollars coming to Wisconsin provide the chance to draw more people into the trades. 

“I’d see this as an opportunity to invest in our communities to get people trained up, to get them connected with good, family-supporting jobs at a living wage or higher,” Rhodes-Conway said during the breakfast in Milwaukee

Secretary Thompson echoed the mayor’s sentiment, also pointing to the state’s aging population and the impact of the pandemic on the labor market as important factors. With tens of millions of dollars coming down the pipeline for a wide array of infrastructure investments in the state, he underscored the potential for workers seeking better employment options. 

“You know there is going to be work going on out there, they are going to need you, they are good-paying jobs. And there’s going to be a lot of them,” Thompson said. “So I think it’s a tremendous opportunity for people that are looking at maybe going into something else. They should be going into this area. Because there’s going to be work, it’s going to be good-paying work, and it’s going to be there for a while.” 

Panelists highlighted the importance of training and apprenticeship programs, as well as stimulating interest in the trades among young people in the state. Crowley, whose father was a master electrician, said, “We have to figure out how we’re introducing more young people into the trades, particularly right now.” 

Meanwhile Stone, a former Milwaukee-area Republican Representative who led the Public Service Commission’s water division before joining Kapur & Associates, said the state has a chance to “create that next generation” with the funding coming to the state. 

“Everybody can get the equipment, they can get the technology, but we need to optimize the people that we have and that human resource.”

Asphalt Industry Launches Career Pathways Site
NAPA's new careers website offers to boost the industry's recruiting efforts by showing prospective employees the wide range of asphalt industry jobs and advancement pathways available. Potential recruits can see the skills needed for various jobs, the typical amount of time until advancement, average nationwide salaries and more.

WAPA's Job Openings page also offers a place to advertise open positions. Take advantage of this free member benefit and help future employees find and apply for your job opportunities.
State Asphalt Pavement Associations Inc.
WAPA and our nearly 40 peer associations across the country form the State Asphalt Pavement Associations (SAPAs). Earlier this month, SAPA Inc. launched a comprehensive website to provide information on our organization.

Why Join Your SAPA
Joining your individual state association is a sound business decision that will help your company become more profitable and viable in the long term. Each SAPA, like WAPA, maintains strong working relationships at the state and national levels by fostering partnerships with industry leaders, key stakeholders, and asphalt research and development authorities. We provide members information and solutions through proper planning, analysis, design, construction techniques, and maintenance practices that help keep asphalt the pavement of choice in our respective states.

How SAPAs Help You Succeed
SAPA membership gives you a seat at the table on the national level. We serve on many national committees and task forces with various interest groups as representatives for our members back home, helping them keep up with the latest news on technical, environmental, regulatory and legislative issues. It also gives asphalt companies a voice in the direction the industry takes. SAPA employees are essentially an extension of your staff. When you join a SAPA, you gain engineering, legislative, and marketing expertise that's available to you when you face a problem or have a question about any issue. 

Our members enjoy a wide range of benefits including marketing exposure and discounts on association events. SAPAs also offer a forum for networking with industry peers. This access to the marketplace with top management and leaders from the industry gives your company a competitive edge. SAPAs play a vital role in keeping the asphalt industry vibrant and profitable -- supporting your state association is one way that asphalt service providers can make sure the industry will stay healthy on the road ahead.

WAPA Members Win Construction Awards
Asphalt companies from Wisconsin were honored for their hard work and construction of quality pavements at NAPA's annual meeting last month. Projects recognized for a Quality in Construction (QIC) Award are evaluated by an independent pavement engineer who assigns each project a numerical score based on how well the contractor met specifications and achieved density on the finished pavement. All pavements that meet benchmark criteria earn the QIC Award.

Northeast Asphalt Inc., a Walbec Group Company, received the 2021 QIC Awards for the following projects:

  • USH 8 in Pembine (8.26-mile mill and overlay)
  • STH 57 in Door County (17.5-mile mill and overlay)
  • CTH A in Gibraltar (5.1-mile pulverize and relay)

All of these projects achieved excellent International Roughness Index (IRI) ride numbers, higher density than required, utilized the percent-within limits (PWL) testing specification, or reduced impacts to the traveling public by finishing construction ahead of schedule.

Pitlik & Wick received a QIC Award for the 17.4-mile resurfacing of STH 17 between Eagle River in Oneida and Vilas counties. The company did an outstanding job ensuring access and limiting construction impacts while delivering this project. This job also received the Excellence in Asphalt Paving Award from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at the Contractor-Engineer Conference last month in Madison as part of its 2021 construction awards program.
Pitlik & Wick project on STH 17

Northeast Asphalt on STH 57

2022 Conference - Save the Date!
Please save the date for our 2022 conference:

WAPA's 63rd Annual Conference and Business Meeting
November 29 - November 30, 2022
Kalahari Resort
Wisconsin Dells

Please look for more details on our website, in our newsletters and by email later this year.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if WAPA can be of service. As winter turns to spring, we wish everyone a safe and successful paving season.