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The Wisconsin Asphalt Industry Insider is a platform for WAPA members to share what's new and exciting at their companies with pavement owners, operators, and contractors across our state. We hope you find this information useful! 

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American State Equipment Partners with Midland Machinery

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American State Equipment, with locations serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, is proudly expanding our asphalt equipment lineup with new products from the industry leader and gold standard in road wideners, Midland Machinery.

Announced in the fall of 2023, American State Equipment has partnered with Midland Machinery to now offer their full line of road wideners. Handmade with pride in Buffalo, NY for over 50 years, Midland Machinery offers six self-propelled machines as well as two attachment-type machines. Whether it’s back-filling a trench or utility cut, shoulder maintenance spreading most materials, or expanding a lane outwards of up to 12 feet, Midland’s purpose-built equipment gets the job done.

Throughout the years, Midland has been the leader in developing and implementing new concepts and ideas, with the aim to maximize production. From the compact, efficient machine like the SPR-6 to the dual-sided workhorses like the SPD-8 and SPD-10, there isn’t a job out there that a Midland Road Widener can’t tackle.

American State Equipment is currently stocking self-propelled machines which can be purchased and/or rented out. And with a customer-centric approach, Midland’s knowledgeable team readily provides excellent support services, ensuring smooth operations for their customers. For more information, please visit www.amstate.com or www.midlandmachinery.com.

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Motion Engineering, Inc. Introduces Hydro-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Services for Asphalt Plants

Discover the transformative impact of hydro-pressure water jet cleaning, a cutting-edge solution from Motion Engineering. By focusing on safety, efficiency, and equipment longevity, we redefine what it means to maintain asphalt plant equipment.

Our 23,000-psi hydro-pressure water-jet machine provides a comprehensive and safe cleaning experience for your AC Tanks & Silos. We have taken seriously the challenges of traditional cleaning methods and committed to a solution that offers a superior alternative, keeping your tanks in optimal condition. We invite you to experience the difference with our water jet cleaning services. For more information or to schedule a service, please get in touch with us

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FORTA FI® -- Summary of Work in New York

The New York State DOT (NYSDOT) tried many methods to prevent, slow down or control the development of reflective cracking in composite overlays throughout the years. Joint failure is a common occurrence, and those joints reflected through composite overlays. 

NYSDOT traditionally utilized Deep Joint Pavement Repairs, which involved milling down 4 to 6 inches to the concrete joint first, filling it with warm mix asphalt, and then a full 2-inch mill & fill. In 2015, NYSDOT performed a 2-inch mill & fill with a mix including FORTA-FI® asphalt fiber reinforcement in one lane, and their traditional Deep Joint Pavement Repair in the other on New York SR 383. The initial benefits were immense – NYSDOT reduced construction time by 50% and saved an overall 16% on project costs. Over time, the project showed impressive results: cracking was delayed & distresses reduced, as measured by independent engineer Joe Kindler. The expected life extension of SR 383 was increased from an 8-10 year life to an 11-13 year life.

Since then, NYSDOT has specified FORTA-FI® asphalt fiber reinforcement in their composite overlays. New York has used over a million tons of reinforced asphalt and is on track to become the first state to use a million in one construction season. Additionally, NYSDOT’s crack sealing maintenance program schedule for fiber reinforced pavement has been extended from two years to four years after paving. NYSDOT has seen the benefits first-hand that FORTA-FI® asphalt fibers offer.

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Top image: SR 383 results.

Bottom image: SR 63 in 2021. Where there are cracks, they’re tight.

The full report on New York is available upon request. If you’d like to learn more about asphalt fiber reinforcement, contact Dan Large at 262-685-7749 or Cole Large at 262-685-8949.

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Take on Any Job With the Wide Selection of Top-Quality Equipment from Miller-Bradford and Risberg

SANDVIK QI353 Mobile Impact Crusher

The Sandvik QI353 features a new mid-size track platform and custom Prisec impact crusher. Targeted at quarry, recycling, and contractor segments, the QI353 is the most versatile mid-sized mobile impactor available today, designed to provide more uptime than any other.

With the operator in mind, the QI353 offers a user-friendly mobile solution, with controls and maintenance points located conveniently at ground level. A key highlight is the new automated control system featuring Optik™ intuitive user experience. With color visual display, easy navigation, and total integration for troubleshooting, diagnostics, and support. It is the perfect blend of simplicity and usable technology aimed at reducing unnecessary complexity.

More Productivity

The QI353 has been designed with productivity in mind and can process up to 400 metric tons per hour. Its feed arrangement includes a new feed hopper with curved heavy-duty sides for greater capacity and tapered feed arrangement to reduce blockages and ensure continuous crushing. It also features a new pan feeder with geared drive and a larger double-deck pre-screen with improved access to replace media. At the core of the QI353 is a new mid-size Prisec impact crusher, which boasts the largest feed opening and largest rotor diameter in its class for higher capacity and greater energy efficiency. Adjustable apron curtains and tip speed ensure a wide range of product gradations can be achieved. Also, all plant conveyors have larger discharge heights for increased stockpiling capacity.

Better Cuts

We offer an optional modular double deck hanging screen, which has been designed to maximize productivity and profitability. It enables two screened products to be produced and any oversize recirculated back into the crusher. Cross-compatible with our 2-series of crushers (QI442, QH332 and QS332 models) the modular screen is self-contained and can be installed or removed from the plant in less than 30 minutes without the need for any additional lifting equipment on site.

Our patent-pending hanging screen option delivers multi-functionality as a 1-, 2- or 3-way split screener offering unrivalled flexibility. 

Contact your local MBR branch for more details on how the Sandvik QI353 can help in your aggregate, RAP, and concrete recycling operations.

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OnStation Believes in Equipping Our Future Industry Leaders With the Latest Technology in the Field

Are you prepping for a summer internship? Maybe you're the one bringing interns on board?

At OnStation, we prioritize preparing the next generation of industry leaders by providing students with cutting-edge technology in the field. May through September, all interns are granted complimentary licenses. Learn more.

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Save the Date for TDA's Annual Meeting on October 16 in Madison

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In closing, we would like to remind readers about our 65th Annual Conference and Business Meeting, to be held at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells on December 3-4, 2024.

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