WAPA and our members are excited to offer a new kind of newsletter this year: the Wisconsin Asphalt Industry Insider. This is a platform for WAPA members to share what's new and exciting at their companies with pavement owners, operators, and contractors across our state. We hope you find this information useful!


The road to smoother pavements in Wisconsin has a new partner.

"The Equipment People" at American State Equipment are pleased to now offer our fellow WAPA Members the industry leading products from Roadtec and Sakai.

Whether it's Asphalt Pavers, Milling Machines, Vibratory Rollers, Self-Propelled Sweepers, Soil Stabilizers or Material Transfer Vehicles (Shuttle Buggy) we at ASE have the iron on hand and people ready to assist you in the important job of building and maintaining our Wisconsin infrastructure.

For your convenience, American State Equipment has three locations in Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wausau and Little Chute) and two in Minnesota (St. Paul and Duluth). Our subsidiary, Finkbiner Equipment Company, is based in Chicago, Illinois.


The extra mile is rarely crowded.

CWMF Corporation 
offers portable and stationary asphalt plant equipment, parts and service. True customer commitment is evident in everything we do, from our customized solutions and unparalleled personal service to our heavy-duty materials and quality craftsmanship. 

Since 2012, our sales have doubled, and we've added over 15 new employees. During our latest expansion, we increased fabrication space by 15,000 square feet and installed four new 30-ton cranes. We also implemented a new ERP software system to support our company's rapid growth under second-generation ownership.

Our focus has never been on the quick sale. We're passionate about building long-term trust relationships by helping our customers optimize overall plant performance and run at peak efficiency. Whenever we can offer solutions for existing equipment, we absolutely do.

CWMF products and innovations include:
  • RevolutionD™ rotary dryer with our exclusive Wedgelok™ tire adjustment system
  • Dust-Eater® baghouse
  • Tremor Shaker™ scalping screen
  • Recycle and cold feed bins
  • AC tanks
  • Storage silos
  • Drag slat conveyors
  • Drum refurbishing
  • Replacement parts, chain, drum flighting and more
  • Control packages

To learn more about CWMF, visit www.cwmfasphalt.com or call





Fahrner Asphalt Sealers explains how to maintain cracked pavements with its TPR Scrub Seal.

When to use a scrub seal

Scrub seals are a pavement maintenance tool designed to be utilized once a pavement has deteriorated down the Pavement Condition Index curve to a point between fair and poor. A scrub seal's highest value is obtained when crack sealing a pavement is no longer economically viable due to significant levels of cracking.

What is a scrub seal?

A scrub seal consists of an asphalt emulsion that contains a wear-resistant polymer and a rejuvenating agent that is then covered with well-graded aggregate.

The scrub seal process
  1. Prepare the roadway by sweeping.  Optionally, the existing cracks may be cleaned out with compressed air and a heat lance in order to allow for improved crack filling performance of the asphalt emulsion.
  2. Apply the asphalt emulsion with a pressure distributor and scrub the material into the cracks utilizing a series of brooms pulled behind the distributor.
  3. Chip spreader applies the aggregate.
  4. Aggregate is rolled to aid in chip embedment.
  5. Loose aggregate is swept off the pavement.
  6. Preferably, the scrub seal is also fog sealed to aid in aggregate retention.
Benefits of a scrub seal
  • Pavement has an improved wearing surface with appearance similar to a chip seal.
  • The rejuvenating agent in the asphalt emulsion improves the low temperature flexibility in the top ½" of the existing pavement.
  • The scrub seal process provides two applications in one: crack filling and chip sealing.


Evotherm ® is Ingevity 's water-free warm mix asphalt technology. Evotherm is derived from natural pine chemicals and offers advantages to asphalt contractors and road building engineers looking for innovative warm mix solutions. Its easy and ready-to-use formula provides comprehensive benefits that surpass conventional hot mix asphalt. Evotherm is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and meets the state's cold weather specification. It is being used across the state as a compaction aid for more consistent and increased densities; as a cold weather technology to extend the paving season; to reduce thermal segregation; and to extend binder life with lower temperatures and less oxidation.

Evotherm promotes adhesion at lower temperatures by acting as both a liquid antistrip and a warm mix additive. It's an easy-to-handle, pumpable liquid that can be added at the mix plant or at the asphalt terminal.
Over the last 12 years, customers have used the Evotherm technology to pave around the world more than 10 times. The U.S. National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) has also evaluated Evotherm to show that it can withstand over 20 million ESALs on NCAT's test track with less than two millimeters of rutting.
Contact evotherm@ingevity.com to learn more about how Evotherm's benefits can stack up to deliver improved productivity and the highest overall value in the industry for your team.



Miller-Bradford & Risberg, Inc.
's line of equipment and support services tailored to the asphalt paving industry includes BOMAG.
BOMAG launched two key products at the 2017 CONEXPO in March. 
  • One was the BW206AD, an 84" double drum roller with Tango Oscillation and an 8,000 hour drum warranty.
  • The other was the BM2200/75, a ½-lane milling machine with a maintenance free tool holder system.
Please contact us to learn more about these products and others in our line.

About Miller-Bradford & Risberg
The asphalt paving industry faces unique challenges and Miller-Bradford & Risberg has many skilled professional trained to provide solutions that enhance the productivity of the equipment and performance of asphalt pavements.  
Focus on the asphalt paving industry for over six decades provides a wealth of knowledge that Miller-Bradford & Risberg personnel can draw on when finding ways to successfully meet the challenges we face.
Whatever your equipment needs are, you can find it at Miller-Bradford & Risberg. We carry construction equipment from CASE, Kobleco and NorAm; road maintenance equipment from BOMAG, MacLean Engineering, Midland and Carlson; lasers from Topcon; specialty drilling equipment from Sandvik; trench boxes and shields from Efficiency Production, Inc.; trailers from Rogers and Towmaster; attachments and accessories from BIC, Teamco Inc., Indeco and Hensley; and filters from Fleetguard. 



Roland Machinery Company  reports that the Wirtgen Group recently unveiled its new 10-foot tracked Vögele Super 2000-3i. This refines the productive features of the Vision paver (5200-2i) it replaces and elevates asphalt paving to a new level of performance.
The Super 2000-3i introduces a new group of wheeled and tracked pavers that will eventually supplant the acclaimed Vision series. "The Super 2000-3i is designed primarily for use in highway construction and large-scale commercial applications, where power and productivity are paramount," says Roland's Mike Brunson. "It features a basic width of 10 feet, a maximum paving width of 28 feet and has a top placement rate of 1,540 tons per hour. It will lay a lot of asphalt quickly and efficiently."
Three main components define the power unit of the Super 2000-3i: its modern, liquid-cooled diesel engine; a splitter gearbox flanged directly to the engine; and a large cooler assembly. The powerful 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final engine rated at 250 horsepower drives the paver through even the most robust applications. It is also fuel efficient and has an ECO mode that is sufficient for many applications. A large cooler assembly ensures that the power unit always delivers its full output.

The Super 2000-3i has an innovative and reliable drive concept for accurate tracking. All drive components, including a three-phase generator, are supplied from the central splitter gearbox and operate at maximum efficiency. High-traction crawler tracks efficiently convert drive power into forward motion.
ErgoPlus 3
ErgoPlus 3 is the latest version of Vögele's operating system, now enhanced with a number of new ergonomic and functional features. With its new mounting system, the paver operator's console can be shifted even more conveniently and easily between the right and left sides of the operator's stand. In addition, it now has a large color display that ensures good readability even in poor lighting conditions.
"Vögele focused on the operator with the design of the Super 2000-3i," Brunson says. "Ergonomics, safe operation and operator comfort were key design elements. Vögele's commitment is to provide the highest quality machine and the industry's most reliable paver."

Contact Roland Machinery Company for more information about the Vögele Super 2000-3i and other products. 



For asphalt plants that produce over 200,000 tons of mix a year and depend on consistent quality, the Troxler Model 3630 Moisture Measurement System (MMS) is an effective, real-time moisture measurement solution that can be used manually or integrated into any plant operating system.

The MMS is mounted on the virgin aggregate conveyor belt and allows plant operators to see the real-time moisture content as a percentage of the total combined aggregate. The plant operator can then adjust the percent moisture to a more accurate degree throughout the day, and moisture is not mistaken for aggregate on the weigh bridge. The ability to determine this difference makes the input of binder more precise and improves the mixture consistency.

Unlike existing moisture measuring devices, the MMS is mounted on the conveyor belt after the shaker or mixer and reads the combined aggregate's moisture rather than the moisture of individual cold feed bins. In addition, the noncontact nature of the system gives it a long life span, whereas other types of probes or sensors are prone to contact breakage.

Troxler's MMS is the most accurate, longest-lasting system on the market. It provides for more exact binder content, reducing the amount of natural gas used during production and resulting in higher-performing pavements. The MMS can help avoid that one failing job which results in a decrease or, even worse, a total remove and replace of asphalt laid.

There is no reason to leave the quality of your mix to chance! Know your inputs in real time and get improved results.


Thanks to all WAPA members who participated in this newsletter.  In closing, we would like to remind readers about a few important upcoming industry training events.

NAPA's Back to Basics webinar series ( full schedule )

April 27: Mix Design
May 25:  Plants
June 7:  Paving

Asphalt Institute's webinars ( full schedule)

April 19: Asphalt Mix Design Basics
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As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if there is ever any way we may be of assistance. Thanks again and have a safe construction season.

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